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Our 20,000 square foot facility features a variety of machining equipment:

  • CNC Milling
    VF-2SSYT Full 5 Axis VMC
    Matsuura MC-1000 Milling Center
    Matsuura MC-600V Milling Center
    Matsuura MC-510V Milling Center
    Matsuura MC-500VM Milling Center
    Matsuura MC-500V Milling Center
    Bridgeport 710 CNC
    Bridgeport 1000 CNC
    3 Fanuc T10A RoboDrills
    DahLih Vertical Milling Center
  • CNC Turning
    VST-20SSY Mill / Turn
    Nakamura TMC-15 Turning Center
    Hardinge CNC Lathe


  • Grinders
    Boyer Shultz 6″ x 18″ Surface Grinder
    Grand Rapids Tool and Cutter Grinder
  • Drill Grinding Equipment
    Optima Optical Grinder .010 – 1″ Capacity
    Optima Optical Grinder .010 – .5″ Capacity
  • Vertical Milling Machinery
    Excello Vertical Milling Machine
    Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine
    Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine
  • Horizontal Milling Machinery
    Cincinnati 18 Automatic
    Nichols Hand Miller
    Garvin Hand Slitter
  • Lathes
    Economaster 14″ Engine Lathe
    South Bend 9″ Engine Lathe
    South Bend 13″ Engine Lathe
  • Honing Equipment
    Sunnen Pin Hone Fully Equipped
  • Welding Equipment
    Miller 200 SyncroWave Tig Welder
    Miller-Matic 200 Mig Welder
  • Cut-off Machinery
    HEM 750A Automatic Cutoff Saw
    Emerson 10″ Cold Cutoff Saw
    Kalamazoo 14″ Cold Cutoff Saw
    Delta Milwaukee 14″ Radial Cold
    Cutoff Saw
    Dewalt 12″ Radial Cutoff Saw
    Rockwell 7″ x 12″ Horizontal Cutoff Saw
    Powermatic 14″ Vertical Band Saw