As part of the effort to keep manufacturing strong and Advanced Manufacturing Training. Cody Sisson, President and CEO of Sisson Engineering, and as a Board Member and a Director of the Employment Board of the Franklin Hampshire Middle Skills Manufacturing Initiative (MSMI), endorses this project by providing time and sponsorship to ensure the success of this cooperative endeavor. The collaborative effort of the MSMI project was initiated in May of 2013, and joins together Greenfield Community College, Franklin County Technical School and the Regional Employment Board and Career Centers. The goal is to provide middle skills and advanced technical training over a three year period to candidates that will be recommended for job placement in order to strengthen our local workforce.

As part of this program, Sisson Engineering was one of fourteen local business establishments that contributed funds to the FCTS Machine Technology Fund for
renovations and the purchase of cutting edge manufacturing equipment to be placed in the Franklin County Technical School. All efforts are being made to ensure the program is a success and Sisson Engineering is proud to be a part of this partnership to strengthen the advanced manufacturing sectors in western Massachusetts.

The financial investments to this program include $214,000.00 in private commitments, $350,000.00 in public investment and $80,000.00 of in kind donations,
bringing the total investment to $750,000.00. The new equipment that has been added to the Center includes: 13 new Haas CNC machines, a new grinder, and a screw type air compressor – as well as the physical space within the manufacturing classroom to be doubled in size.